Wireless Connectivity
Wireless Connectivity

Intelligent wireless gateways provide excellent solutions for primary or backup network connectivity for any high-reliability, high-availability application.

Interoperable with standard Ethernet routers and residential gateways, wireless modems enable customers and network operators to use public wireless networks for a multitude of solutions, whether it’s a network, a PC, or a stand-alone device.

Many business services companies like legal firms, accountancy practices, media houses, graphic designers, photographers, and many others are recognizing that the key differentiator in service offering is the ability to access and share real-time information, wherever they may be. Businesses can lower service costs and offer real-time value with wireless 3G and 4G connectivity solutions.

Home workers, remote workers and lone workers are becoming increasingly commonplace, especially now that communication technology enables them to stay in constant communication with their employers, colleagues and clients located anywhere else in the world. The integration of 3G and 4G network connectivity allows for reliable and optimized connections at all times.


Persistent high-speed IP network connectivity has become a mainstay for productivity. Most consumers and businesses can take advantage of low-cost cable and DSL connection options; where those provider networks do not exist, or may be too expensive, the deployment of 3G and 4G public wireless cellular networks provide an excellent alternative. Designed to be a seamless enabling device, wireless gateways can be a drop-in solution for any network.
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When business relies on maintaining a constant network connection, having a reliable backup connection is just as essential. Using the public wireless network for that backup makes great sense. Since cellular carrier networks are separated from the local Telco, a wireless cellular backup provides the perfect out-of-band (OOB) backup and remote management solution. The ‘off-copper’ and ‘off-network’ nature of wireless makes more sense than using a dialup phone line or ISDN connection, and can also be more cost-effective.
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Much of today’s automation equipment comes equipped with an Ethernet connectivity option. While designed primarily to leverage a LAN for communications, the same equipment can be easily enabled to work over wireless cellular networks. With its simple Ethernet-to-Cellular interface, a wireless connectivity solution can enable virtually any Ethernet based device to exploit the power and flexibility of cellular.
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