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Peplink 5G Product Line

Peplink’s 5G solutions aim to connect people, businesses, and objects around the world driving innovation to a whole new level. This new line of 5G products meets the market demand for devices that provide faster download and upload speeds, real-time responses, extended coverage, and general connection stability.


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MAX Transit 5G
5G Mobile Router Built for Transportation Deployments
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MAX Adapter 5G
State-of-the-art Cellular Modem
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BR1 Pro 5G

MAX BR1 Pro 5G
The Classic Goes Sonic
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5G Multi-Cellular Mobile Powerhouse
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Balance 310 5G | Balance 310 Fiber 5G
5G/Fiber Hybrid Enterprise Branch Connectivity
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Best Applications for 5G Products

5G autonomous connectivity enables vehicles to stay connected. Increase safety, efficiency on the road, and in-car experiences.

5G-Ready solutions ensure robust connectivity is centrally managed under one account for those mission-critical scenarios.

Branch Office
Through multi-WAN 5G devices, Peplink is able to provide an effective fiber failover link to branch office connections, eliminating any downtime.

5G offers decreased latency, increased bandwidth uplink, and extended coverage to help successfully undergo digital transformation.

5G networks offer manufacturers and telecom operators greater exposure and opportunities in automation, artificial intelligence, and IoT.

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