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The CEL-FI DUO+ is designed to dramatically improve HD voice and data coverage in up to two bands for 3G/4G/LTE for consumers while significantly improving the network. Good things do come in small packages: With 3G/4G/LTE support, CEL-FI DUO+ are compatible with the highest data services application available. All-new patented echo cancellation algorithms enable CEL-FI DUO+ to offer even higher signal levels throughout the coverage area than before. 

  • Carrier-Grade Smart Signal Booster 
  • Supports LTE (including VoLTE) 
  • Relays any two (2) frequency bands simultaneously 
  • 100dB system gain ensures maximum coverage footprint 
  • Support for Bands 2/4/13  
  • Increased Echo Margin (larger coverage footprint) 

Key Features

Maximize Coverage

Move Coverage Unit further away from the Network Unit to maximize coverage. The total coverage area equals twice the distance between the Network Unit and the Coverage Unit. The maximum distance is up to 100 dB path loss.

Get set up in 4 easy steps


1. Find the best cellular signal

Use your phone to find the best cellular signal. Typically you will get the best signal near a window.


2. Place the Network Unit

Place the Network Unit (NU) in the location where you get the best cellular signal.


3. Place the Coverage Unit

Place the Coverage Unit (CU) in the location where you need improved coverage.


4. Use app to optimize setup

Using the Cel-Fi WAVE app, finish setup and activation.

Sample Layouts


One Level

Two Level

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