The CloudGate LoRaWAN gateways are designed to work right out of the box for anyone who wants to try out the latest LoRaWAN Wireless IoT technology. Based on the license-free ISM 915Mhz band in the US, this system provides a complete sensor to cloud experience, showcasing the capability of the LoRaWAN gateway and edge-devices. Requiring no specialized knowledge, a user will simply plug the gateway in, go to a website, create an account, and turn the sensors on. The gateway connects to the Internet using either wired Ethernet or wireless 3GPP Cellular technologies. The product is available as a complete kit with sensors, antennas, and all accessories included or as a stand-alone LoRaWAN gateway.

LoRaWAN Gateway

  • 1ea CloudGate gateway with pre-loaded LoRa software
  • 1ea 915Mhz LoRaWAN expansion card
  • 1ea AC power supply

RadioBridge Sensors*

  • 1ea US dual pushbutton sensor RBS304-2-US
  • 1ea US movement sensor RBS301-ABM-US
  • 1ea US air temperature & humidity sensor RBS305-ATH-US

Antennas and Accessories*

  • 2ea LTE dipole antennas
  • 1ea 915MHz antenna
  • 1ea 6 ft ethernet cable

* Provided with Kit

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