OptConnect ema

OptConnect ema is a fully end-user certified modem with built-in intelligence for autonomous monitoring, management, and self-healing. Its Embedded Managed Modem Architecture enables customers to rapidly design and deploy their cellular-connected solutions while eliminating the delays and complexities of typical cellular M2M/IoT deployments. Each OptConnect ema™ comes integrated with an industry-leading suite of OptConnect managed services that include: OptConnect SIM cards, Cellular data plans, Secure connectivity monitoring and management, Device management portal, 24x7x365 technical support, Warranty replacement services, Simple ready-to-use back office API cloud integrations, Logistics, and Fast fulfillment.

  • Small form-factor
  • Robust 20 pin interface
  • Built-in management Microcontroller Unit (MCU)
  • USB and UART modem communication paths
  • OptConnect ema™ emaLink interface
  • Integrated TCP/IP and UDP/IP stacks

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OptConnect ema Delivers:

Speed To Market:
  • Fully certified PTCRB, FCC, IC, and Carrier certification
  • Dual carrier sim card support
  • Customers can modify their host board without the need to recertify
  • Small yet powerful – easy to fit on host board designs
Rich Features Stack:
  • No need to develop low-level control, it already exists in ema
  • Detects on/off the network with reconnecting features for increased uptime
  • OTA updates for both modem and module
  • Connects gracefully to the network
  • Carrier to carrier failover
  • Measures and manages data usage
  • Security layer embedded in ema to protect from public internet threats
  • Industry encryption standard – AWS IoT Core communication channel encrypted with TLS v1.2
  • Separation of monitoring machine data from customer’s data transmissions
  • Communication firmware protected from alteration by the host application
Application Configuration & Management Tools:
  • Alerts and notifications of issues and remote diagnostics
  • Manage and monitor your device portfolio from anywhere
  • API available for your host application
  • Application updates and sensor configuration are easy to implement without redesign

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