ema:Play is a development kit and evaluation platform designed for OptConnect ema™

ema:Play gives customers a platform to bring their IoT ideas to life using OptConnect ema™. OptConnect ema is a pre-certified LTE Category 4 Cellular modem with a 20-pin interface. In order to begin evaluating it, we have created a custom piece of hardware so customers can prove their concepts before they take on the task of developing their own custom board to accept ema and bring their IoT product to market.

ema:Play provides a “sandbox” environment with hardware and software interfaces for customers to test and develop their ideas.

Development Kit –

ema:Play’s on-board micro controller (MCU) and its Segger JLink® on-board debugger provide a robust environment to assist in your software development efforts. In addition, ema:Play’s multiple interfaces, on-board sensors, and LEDs support a broad range of proof of concept application uses.

Evaluation Platform –

OptConnect ema™ comes with a lifetime license for Summit, OptConnect’s cloud management system that enables you to monitor cellular network performance, to track notable events, and to be alerted if the unit loses connectivity.

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