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Connect the littlest things with the industry’s tiniest and mightiest cellular package.

For device designs that demand the smallest possible footprint across a variety of applications including wearables, telematics, and healthcare, the xE866 delivers reliable performance in a tiny 400mm2 LGA form factor. Integration is further simplified for products that demand low power.  This versatile family of modules offers a wide range of options for most geos and a spectrum of cellular and non-cellular technologies.

Dimensions and Key Features

With a single mechanical and electrical form factor, xE866 modules are the smart connectivity choice for compact small products with big plans.

  • Nested 15×25 mm LGA footprint
  • 3G,Wi-Fi, LoRa and 2G series
  • Low-cost integration for compact designs
  • Mass-production automated manufacturing friendly
  • Over-the-Air firmware update and device management
  • Certified with regulatory bodies and mobile operators worldwide
  • Easy to bundle with GNSS modules for positioning and timing-dependent applications
Series Cellular Technology Datasheet Downloads



UMTS | HSPA UE866 Series




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