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An Expert Guide To Where We Are With 5G And Where We’re Going Next

As part of the transition to 5G, enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) for the IoT is becoming a reality. 5G cellular networks are evolving quickly with the deployment of more 5G spectrum bands, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) in low bands, and the evolution from Non Standalone (NSA) operation to Standalone (SA) operation. All this serves to deliver high-speed data wherever people want it, but because the evolution of cellular networks is ongoing and complex, it can be hard to anticipate how these changes will affect the expected performance of a design.

Want to learn more? 

This common-sense guide to 5G for eMBB from the experts at Sierra Wireless cuts through the noise and guides you through this evolution, so you know what’s here now and what’s still on the horizon. Download the white paper below!

Download this white paper to learn: 

  • The five waves of 5G with a closer look into the third wave for eMBB
  • How eMBB makes use of 5G New Radio and 5G Core Network
  • How to secure a 5G eMBB deployment

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