(SILICON SLOPES, Utah) February 25, 2020 – OptConnect, a longtime leader in managed wireless services, today announced that they have signed a distribution agreement with GetWireless, LLC. With this new partnership, GetWireless will start selling OptConnect ema, ema:Play, and neo products nationwide through their Embedded Solutions Sales Team. By combining OptConnect’s fully managed connectivity solutions with the value-added distribution model at GetWireless, OEMs will have a simplified product line to embed into their IoT devices.

GetWireless is a leading value-added distributor of cellular solutions that connect the Internet of Things. GetWireless offers a strong portfolio of products and services, they are uniquely positioned to help OEMs find the right solution for their project and application. The addition of OptConnect products to the GetWireless portfolio enables customers to get to market faster and remove many of the stumbling blocks of typical IoT deployments.

“We are excited to expand our embedded solutions portfolio to include a fully-managed offering,” said Brian Taney, CEO at GetWireless. “We see great value in OptConnect’s solutions and believe that GetWireless will be a strong strategic partner in delivering them to the marketplace.”

Many synergies existed between the two companies prior to this agreement and partnership; which now solidifies both company’s desire to simplify the connectivity component in IoT projects. With a strong focus on customer service and a consultative selling approach, OptConnect and GetWireless will be able to understand and enable the unique needs of their customers. Therefore, jointly enabling winning solutions that will allow OEMs to test their concepts and get to market quickly and successfully.

The strategic distribution agreement demonstrates the continued success of OptConnect ema as more and more companies look to deploy the Smart Embedded Modem. ema is a fully certified LTE category 4 modem with an onboard microcontroller, embedded firmware, and software paired with OptConnect’s industry-leading suite of managed services that allow companies to focus on their core strengths and benefit from “Connectivity-as-a-Service.”

“We’re excited to have an established partnership with GetWireless,” said Matt Warner, Director of Channel Management at OptConnect. “Their expertise in consultative sales delivers unprecedented value for businesses looking to adopt IoT. Together we bring a holistic approach from start to finish with OptConnect’s managed services model. It has never been easier for companies to adopt, deploy and monetize IoT by leveraging the partnership of GetWireless with OptConnect.”

For more information about OptConnect, please visit www.optconnect.com.


About GetWireless

Established in 2001 and based in Minneapolis, GetWireless is a leading Value-Added Distributor of cellular solutions that connect the Internet of Things. By supporting a strong portfolio of embedded modules, end-device modems, intelligent gateways, and cellular boosters, GetWireless is able to supply the most advantageous cellular solution for each new IoT application.

About OptConnect

OptConnect is North America’s leading provider of managed service wireless connectivity for ATMs, Smart Safes, Kiosks, Micro Markets, Digital Signage, and other custom applications. OptConnect provides a secure and reliable monitored wireless connection to the Internet for unattended equipment that is easy, low-risk, and convenient: All supported by a superior customer service infrastructure. OptConnect has spent 10+ years perfecting managed wireless services so that customers can focus on their core business strengths without having to deal with the delays, complexities, and frustrations of typical cellular deployments. OptConnect’s fully managed solution provides Connectivity-as-a-Service for M2M and IoT applications that are simple and easy to implement.