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Discover how Nextivity solutions seamlessly support you throughout your day-to-day life, whether at work, home or on the go. Nextivity provides cutting-edge in-building cellular coverage and public safety solutions deliver unparalleled signal gain at the most competitive cost. Stay effortlessly connected to the outside world, as Nextivity keeps businesses, governments, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and more reliably connected. 

Explore Nextivity’s acclaimed CEL-FI product line, designed to provide unparalleled connectivity across various applications, including enterprise, small business, remote, residential, and vehicle scenarios. Nextivity’s award-winning products not only excel in delivering top-notch connectivity but also provide robust public safety communication for first responders. Featuring self-configuring capabilities, CEL-FI products harness the advanced signal-processing and radio design of Nextivity’s IntelliBoost chipset, setting the standard for the industry’s best-performing solutions.

CEL-FI cellular products are unconditionally network-safe and available in 100 countries through mobile operators and a growing worldwide network of distributors, systems integrators, installers, and resellers. CEL-FI is the go-to solution for healthcare, government, hotels, retail, education, parking garages, manufacturing, warehouses, datacenters,  film studios, concert venues, trucking, marine fleets and much more.

Featured Benefits include:

  • Multi-carrier approved
  • Ease of installation
  • Safety and Security
  • Supports Private Networking


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