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Peplink POTS Adapter

Peplink's POTS Adapter is a dependable replacement for the industrial and commercial sectors, providing a reliable alternative to the traditional plain old telephone system (POTS). Elevator emergency systems, alarm systems, security systems, office landlines, and many other applications have traditionally relied on POTS for making outgoing calls to other stations. However, as POTS is gradually being phased out, there is a need for a suitable replacement. The POTS Adapter offers a solution to this challenge.

Primary Benefit

Easily Convert your Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) connections to LTE Cellular

Plug and Play

Drop in Peplink’s POTS to Cellular Adapter to update your legacy analog phone line connections to cellular. Requires only a power source and cellular network signal.

Reliable and Cost Effective

Deploys standalone, no additional network equipment or setup required. Complete central management and alerting through InControl2 reduces deployment and troubleshooting costs.

Certified for Industrial and Commercial Applications

Alarm systems, elevators, remote door/gate systems and other legacy applications utilizing analog phone lines. Rugged, low power consumption and operates across wide temperature range.

Use Cases

- Elevator Phones
- Alarm Systems
- AutoDial Support
- Fax Machines
- Door/Gate Intercoms
- Roadside Call Boxes