Leuven, Belgium – July 1, 2021 – 7h45 am, Crescent NV, Gaston Geenslaan 14, 3001 Heverlee (Euronext Brussels: OPTI) Option™ is a member of Crescent NV. 

Crescent today announces that the GreenField Direct LLC (US) PipeBurst Pro™ solution which includes the LoRa-based sensors developed and manufactured by Option™ and Option™ CloudGate IoT gateways, was successfully piloted in multiple multi-unit residential buildings. 

10.000 sensors are scheduled to be deployed in the coming months. 

The PipeBurst Pro™ integrated IoT solution is an all-encompassing leak protection system that provides customers building-wide leak detection and automatic water shutoff control. Leak detection is offered in the form of water sensing devices and water meter monitoring. 

The primary market for PipeBurst Pro™ is “high-rise” luxury condominiums, commercial complexes, and large estate properties. PipeBurst Pro™ gives users complete access and control of their system with their web interface, Ionleaks.com®. This interface includes the option for notifications via text message, email, and automated phone calls. 

“This next generation PipeBurst Pro™ solution with Option’s LoRa technology has proven itself to have longer wireless range and increased reliability and connectivity,” said Scott Morgan, President Greenfield Direct LLC. “We are delighted to have teamed up with the experienced Option team for the design and production of this new generation of products.” 

“As a global leader in wireless connectivity, we are proud Greenfield Direct LLC selected Option’s engineering consultancy for the development and production of the LoRa sensors for the next generation PipeBurst Pro™ integrated IoT solution,” said Alain Van den Broeck, CEO of Option™. “Option’s CloudGate worldwide multi-carrier IoT gateway with its variety of wired interfaces and pre-installed LoRa plug-on card is the perfect fit for this solution.”