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Is your embedded design utilizing Chinese-Based Cellular Modules?

To minimize the potential for business disruptions, companies operating in or exporting to the U.S. are advised to prioritize the utilization of IoT modules from American or Western suppliers that strictly comply with rigorous security and data integrity standards.

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GetWireless offers two excellent Western IoT module solutions that comply with these security and data standards, including Sierra Wireless Semtech and Telit Cinterion.


Telit Cinterion Cellular Module Solutions

For over 23 years, Telit has been a leader in global IoT solutions. IoT will empower the next phase of your future — and security will empower IoT.

Telit's IoT solutions embrace a 360-degree security-by-design and security-by-default approach. That means security is built into every layer of your ecosystem, giving you holistic, end-to-end protection. Let us work with you to find a unique solution and provide the tools and confidence to take the next leap forward.

Semtech/Sierra Wireless Cellular Module Solutions

With 30 years of experience in the IoT industry, Sierra Wireless remains a pioneer, a trustworthy IoT partner to their customers. Sierra's IoT modules have earned a well-deserved reputation for exceptional reliability. Customers can confidently rely on their modules, as well as their experienced engineering and support teams, knowing that their IoT applications will be seamlessly connected, providing them with peace of mind.

Looking for more Information? Connect with our experts today and explore these valuable resources from Semtech/Sierra Wireless and Telit Cinterion.

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