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Option Wireless Technology’s CloudGate is the carrier-approved IoT solution platform that delivers device connectivity, security and processing power for global IoT applications. 

It includes the world-wide carrier-approved intelligent CloudGate gateway that comes with CloudGate Universe, Option’s cloud-based configuration and deployment platform, as well as the CloudGate SDK for rapid application development, the CloudGate HDK for prototyping custom expansion cards and award-winning LuvitRed, a visually configurable device agent with easy-to-use graphical, drag and drop & visual wiring configuration. LuvitRED overcomes complexities of the vast variety of protocols used in different IoT verticals and delivers true IoT Edge Computing capabilities on CloudGate in an easy way. A pre-built library of software applications and modular hardware extensions ensure ease of deployment and maximum flexibility. Option delivers a complete M2M ecosystem.

Cloudgate Portfolio Datasheet

Wireless Products
CloudGate  LTE WW 4.0

CloudGate LTE WW 4.0

Industrial grade, highly customizable cellular connectivity

  • Worldwide LTE modem Cat 4 with 2G & 3G Fallback
  • Designed for anything and everything
  • Front Expansion Card: Optional expansion board
  • Rear Expansion Card: Optional expansion board
  • Real time clock battery backup of 7 days
CloudGate Mini

CloudGate Mini

Industrial grade cellular connectivity with advanced IO

  • Worldwide LTE modem Cat 4 with 3G fallback
  • Designed for connecting wired and wireless interfaces
  • Fixed Front Expansion Card: Serial connector, GPIO connector, CAN connector, Sensor connector
  • Fixed Rear Expansion Card: WAN/LoRA
CloudGate Micro

CloudGate Micro

Industrial grade, cost-effective cellular connectivity

  • Worldwide LTE modem Cat 4 with 3G fallback
  • Designed for simple use cases
  • No front or rear expansion boards possible
Smart Metering Card

Smart Metering Card

The CloudGate expansion card that covers all your wired interface needs

  • Modbus interface
  • M-Bus interface
  • P1/DSMR interface
  • I2C sensor interface
  • USB interface
  • 5 x configurable GPIO
  • RS232/RS485
LoRaWAN Card

LoRaWAN Card

Available for 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz LoRa devices

Connects LoRa sensors/actuators to private & public LoRa networks

Optionally combined with WLAN connectivity

Industrial Serial Card

Industrial Serial Card

One RS-232 serial port 921,6 Kbaud maximum speed

One 2KV isolated RS-485 serial port 921,6 Kbaud maximum speed, full duplex or half duplex, 2 wire or 4 wire. Switchable termination.

SRAS Application

SRAS Application

Provides Secure Remote Access from your laptop/smartphone to your
CloudGate gateways and the devices attached to it. VPN tunnel is set-up from
the CloudGate gateway to the SRAS server and from your computer to the
SRAS server, creating a secure end-to-end connection


  • CloudGate gateway can create VPN tunnels upon request without the need
    for a permanent VPN tunnel thus reducing the data traffic associated with
    secure remote access
  • VPN tunnel leverages built-in VPN clients of major OS suppliers and
    device manufacturers making life cycle management easier, robust & cost
  • Self-provisioning and support for bulk device provisioning via webbased UI
  • Fully qualified domain names used to obtain access to the device
  • Multi-tier support – device access based on permissions
LuvitRED Application

LuvitRED Application

Award-winning visually configurable CloudGate application for design and
deployment of smart IoT solutions delivering true IoT edge computing.
Key features:

  • ‘Drag & drop and visual wiring’ configuration environment for Cloudgate
  • ‘Drag and drop’ and visual wiring configuration with minimal programming
  • Rapid application development in only minutes
  • Supports a wide variety of sensors aka ‘node sets’
  • Reduces risk/lowers development cost
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Drives innovation by enabling ‘risktaking’

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