AirgainConnect AC-HPUE 6-in-1 (3xLTE, 2xWi-Fi, and 1xGNSS) is a rugged outdoor mobile antenna with an integrated modem, designed to meet the most demanding LTE connectivity needs. This patented technology eliminates the LTE coax cables between the vehicle router to the roof-mounted antenna, providing up to 2x greater range and 4x more cellular coverage than routers with integrated Band 14 LTE modems.

More Power Where it’s Needed:

  • Increased cellular coverage
  • Deeper building penetration
  • Higher data rates for optimal throughput

Designed to meet the needs of first responders, extended primary, and enterprise users, AirgainConnect AC-HPUE is easy to install and operates reliably in full sun and harsh weather environments.

*Available for pre-order. Contact the GetWireless sales team for pricing and ordering details.

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