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CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c is an Active DAS Hybrid that solves the problem of poor cellular coverage in middleprise buildings.  CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c delivers a cellular signal that is up to 1000x stronger, utilizing CAT 5e cabling for RF signal distribution and Power over Ethernet. CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c can be installed in just days, and at a price point that meets the middleprise budget. CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c is carrier-grade, carrier-approved, and guaranteed network safe.

  • Carrier-Grade, Part 20 Compliant Smart Signal Booster
  • Support for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and private networks, 2 simultaneous bands per operator
  • Independent donor ports for each operator allows for independent antenna optimization
  • A combined (CU) server port enables driving a serving antenna or Passive DAS segment
  • 100 dB max system gain
  • 140MHz relay bandwidth (6x20MHz + 2x10MHz)
  • Support for up to 6 CU via Cat5e cable
  • N-type RF connectors (donor and server)
  • Optional internal modem for remote management (SIM slot access)
  • Up to 100m distance between NU and CU (extendible to 200m with QRE)
  • 24dBm uplink power per operator per band
  • 17dBm downlink power per operator per band (up to 23dBm total for 4 operators)


Key Features




CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c Network Unit

The Network Unit (NU) is the hub of the system. The scalable design works with one to six Coverage Units to provide up to 75,000 ft2 (7,000 m2) of coverage.

  • Provides donor signal to the CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c system
  • Provides power to Coverage Units (up to six)
  • Connects via ethernet or LTE Modem to the CEL-FI WAVE Platform for remote monitoring and management

CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c Coverage Unit

The Coverage Unit (CU) is the remote unit of the system that rebroadcasts the donor signal. The cost-efficient and easy-to-deploy system leverages Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) for up to six CUs.

  • Provides coverage in the CEL-FI QUATRA system (up to six per Network Unit)
  • Power delivered by Power-Over-Ethernet from the Network Unit
  • Self-configuring and self-optimizing
  • CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c CU is only compatible with CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 NU

CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c Fiber Hub

CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c Fiber Hub expands the Network Unit capacity from six to up to twelve Coverage Units. The fiber hub can be installed 2.0km (1.24m) away from the NU to cover large spaces while maintaining the same signal quality throughout the system.

  • Multi-carrier Hybrid Active DAS
  • Donor source over fiber
  • FCC certified
  • SFP+ module not included​

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