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CloudGate Micro

CloudGate Helium Light Hotspot by Option is highly flexible to deploy.

  • Worldwide LTE Cat 4 Programmable
  • 18 LTE bands (EMEA, Americas, Asia) including TDD bands (China)
  • LoRaWAN multi-region 868 MHz & 9xx MH
  • Superior wireless coverage

Helium, “The People’s Network”, is the fastest-growing worldwide LoRaWAN cellular network, ever. With already over 500.000 hotspots deployed globally, while continuing to grow with thousands of additional hotspots daily, it is just a matter of months before it will become the world’s first truly global coverage IoT network. CloudGate Helium offers best-in-class wireless coverage with its industry-proven LoRaWAN expertise.

By deploying a CloudGate Helium in your home, office, farm, or basically any type of elevated area, you can provide your area with miles of low-power network coverage for billions of devices and earn a new cryptocurrency, HNT.  Be the best in your hex and start earning today!

The CloudGate Helium pack includes the CloudGate Helium gateway device, 2 x LTE antennas, 1 LoRa-antenna, power supply & EU/US plugs.


The Helium CloudGate is protected by an aluminum hardware case.


Option has more than 25 years of experience in IoT solutions, with +6 years of LoRaWAN expertise.


External antenna connector for miles of superior wireless coverage to maximize $HNT earnings



Be the best in your hex


Helium: The People’s Network

Helium is a wireless network that aims to provide a secure and low-cost way for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to interact with the Internet.

The Helium Hotspot allows up to 200 times the connectivity compared to traditional Wifi. It employs the use of Helium LongFi, which is a product of LoRaWAN (the Long Range Wide Area Network) wireless protocol and the Helium blockchain. The people who use Helium act as validators. They do this by utilizing the Hotspot device to improve the network’s coverage. The users can earn HNT tokens by transferring data within the network.

Once the hotspots are connected to the internet and become part of the network, they can communicate with each other. This results in the broadcast of long-range radio waves. It creates a wide area network with which other IoT devices can then plug into and interact with. It is estimated that only 50-100 hotspots are needed to cover an entire city. The hotspots by Helium are constantly being checked by the PoC challenge. Only the hotspots who perform well in this challenge are elected.

Helium Longfi

Helium LongFi allows any device to receive or send a message within the network’s coverage area and have their message relayed by a webserver without any cost. LongFi enables many devices to launch simultaneously. This is without the involvement of any third party and with no additional configurations. The launched devices are tracked with IDs that are stored on the Helium blockchain and are able to circulate data in the network through any Hotspot. The device owners are rewarded with HNT tokens, through data transfer.

Helium has an impressive number of more than 440,000 Hotspots. The Helium network is expanding quickly, along with the growth in the number of Hotspots.

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