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The L[X]A[X]M4-7-42[-X] MiMo antenna is designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution for IOT applications. The robust low-profile housing contains 4x 4G LTE / 5G NR elements covering 698-960/1427-4200MHz. Versions of the product also contain up to 4x optional WiFi elements supporting WiFi 6e 2.4/5.150-7.125GHz and optional L1 only or L1/L5 GPS/GNSS.

The housing is constructed from robust, flame-retardant, impact-resistant plastic. The subtle, curved design makes the product harder to vandalize and the IK10 rating ensures that the product is suitable for use in tough environments and devices located in public areas. The housing is UV stable and approved to IP69K for ingress protection.

The product is supplied with integrated low-loss flame retardant cables approved to UN ECE R118 and fitted connectors offer plug-and-play connectivity for a huge range of devices. The L[X]A[X]M4-7-42[-X] can be installed on conductive or non-conductive panels without significant detriment to performance.


  • Low Profile IOT Antenna
  • 4×4 MiMo 698-960/1427-4200MHz
  • Up to 4×4 MiMo WiFi 6e (Optional)
  • GPS/GNSS L1/L5 or L1 only 30dB / 26dB LNA (Optional)
  • Meets IK10 and IP69K


  • Low-profile, impact-resistant housing
  • Curved design is harder to vandalise
  • Suitable for use in tough environments
  • Cost efficient IOT antenna


  • 5G IOT Applications
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Vending machines, kiosks, street furniture
  • P-LTE

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