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The SHK[X]4-7-49[X] MiMo Reef Sharkee® antenna is designed to be a discrete one-size-fits-all solution for mobile applications. The robust low-profile housing contains 4x 4G LTE / 5G NR elements covering 698-960/1427-4900MHz. Versions of the product also contain up to 4x optional WiFi elements supporting WiFi 6e 2.4/5.150-7.125GHz and optional L1 only or L1/L5 GPS/GNSS module. This version of the product does not have a whip position.

The sleek sharkfin design has low visual impact and at only 52mm (2″) high the antenna can comply with certain state laws regarding light-bar obscuration on police vehicles.

The product is supplied with low-loss flame retardant pigtail cables approved to UN ECE R118 and a variety of extension cables are available for different applications.

The SHK[X]4-7-49[X] can be installed on conductive or non-conductive panels.


  • Sleek sharkfin design
  • 4×4 MiMo 698-960/1427-4900MHz
  • Up to 4×4 MiMo WiFi 6e (optional)
  • GPS/GNSS L1/L5 or L1 only 30dB / 26dB LNA (optional)


  • IP69K rated
  • Single hole installation
  • Sleek sharkfin design
  • Low profile
  • Protects vehicle resale value



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