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SHIELD MegaFi High Power User Equipment (HPUE) mobile routers for critical communications are the highest power modems available. SHIELD MegaFi features FirstNet MegaRange™ technology and is available only for use on AT&T and FirstNet networks.


The Highest Powered Mobile Router for Critical Communications

MegaFi is the highest-powered mobile router available. It can boost cellular transmission strength by up to 6x, so users can maintain critical connectivity throughout more of their areas of operation than ever before.

Features and benefits include:

  • FirstNet Trusted™ device
  • Significantly increase coverage in rural and dense urban areas
  • Five port Ethernet router
  • GPS and location base services
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Intuitive graphical user interface for easy configuration
  • Internet routing capability

The MegaFi is an all in one, cloud-supported, and SD-WAN capable mobile, Wi-Fi router. This certified FirstNet Trusted™ device works on AT&T and FirstNet Band 14 and is available in both a Fixed and Mobile configuration. The box includes the antenna and power cables based on your configuration, and the MegaFi router has an integrated, ruggedized mount for easy installation.

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