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Simplifi Connect

Used in tens of thousands of deployments around the world, the Simplifi Connect 2 router is a workhorse. Reliable, secure, and powerful, the Connect 2 router has made enterprise-grade connectivity simple for years.

Top Features:

  • 4G Cat 4 LTE | WiFi 5
  • 150 Mbps Download | 50 Mbps Upload | 32 Clients
  • Plug N Play – Just Plug into an outlet and Connect 2 works
  • Captive Portal – Collect network user emails for customer re-marketing
  • Failover Built-In – Use Connect cellular back-up when the primary goes down
  • Secure Network – VPN, cellular encryption, block devices, and more.
  • Simplifi Cloud – Remotely manage everything from a single pane of glass



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