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The compact TS.07, with a hinged rotatable SMA connector, is an impressively high efficiency monopole antenna, providing coverage among GPS, GLONASS, GAILEO, and BeiDou frequencies. With its navigation system frequency range, plus its compact design, TS.07 can fit and function perfectly with vehicle tracking devices, telematics devices, and other remote monitoring systems. This 72mm long monopole antenna performs efficiently from 1561 MHz to 1610 MHz, covering GPS, GLONASS, GAILEO, and BeiDou frequencies. When connected to the device ground plane, the TS.07 can achieve more than 70% efficiency.
The TS.07, like all monopole antennas, works best when connected directly to the ground plane of the device main board or the device’s metal enclosure. As with all passive antennas, using a coax with more than ~1.5 dB of loss will reduce receiver sensitivity. Connecting the TS.07 directly to the device ground plane is recommended for best performance.


  • Passive GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BeiDou Monopole Terminal Antenna
  • Gain BeiDou 4.05dBi / GPS-GALILEO 4.04dBi / GLONASS 3.98dBi (30*30cm metal Ground Plane edge)
  • Efficiency BeiDou 73.2% / GPS-GALILEO 72.35% / GLONASS 70.81%(30*30cm metal Ground Plane edge)
  • Rotatable hinge design for optimal reception
  • SMA(M) Hinged Connector
  • Dims: H: 72mm,  Ø: 10mm

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