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Your Partner for a 5G World

5G is here to provide multigigabit speeds and ultralow latency. Incorporate award-winning 5G adapter modules that are reliable and secure into your products.

Practical, Proven 5G Modules

Telit offers innovative modules to design 5G into bandwidth-intensive applications. We enable a plethora of use cases, from enterprise network appliances to private and public 5G for Industry 4.0 routers. Telit’s IoT modules and data cards empower factories and enterprises to make the most of 5G.

5G-Ready Adapter Modules

Designing and testing with high-category LTE products now improve the chances of deploying successful high-bandwidth 5G implementation later. This practice will prepare you to create the best user experience regarding responsiveness and coverage. Telit 5G data cards support non-stand-alone (NSA) and stand-alone (SA) modes across all major 5G networks.

LTE/5G Data Card
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LTE/5G Data Card

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