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This Ventev’s Wi-Fi Solar System is a complete, fully integrated NEMA 3R enclosure system that ships pre-wired and pre-assembled for fast and easy on-site installation. This system supports many outdoor access points and other outdoor network elements requiring up to 20 W of power. This rugged system includes proven, long-lasting lead acid batteries and corrosion-resistant materials to provide many years of autonomous service in even the harshest environments. System sizing is critical to the reliable performance of solar power systems. Ventev’s solar power solutions are as easy to select as they are to deploy. These plug-and-play systems take the guesswork out of solar system sizing since they will work almost anywhere in the US. The complete Ventev solar power line includes designs from 18 W thru 90 W PoE considering the power consumption of many industry-leading wireless devices.


  • Enables network designers to extend
    networks to locations where AC is
    not available.
  • One system designed with ample
    capacity to power radios across
    most of the United States. No sizing
  • Designed for 5 days of autonomy.
  • Made of robust, long-lasting
    components to stand the test of

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