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Airgain Embedded Product Inventory

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Current Airgain Embedded Modules Inventory

Part #Item DescriptionQTY On HandProduct StatusReplacement productQuote
BRD-mPCle-SWNimbeLink Skywire Adapter767StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-TC1NAGNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 1 - VZW & AT&T503StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-QBG95-CNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT - Global1StockRequest Quote
BRD-M.2-XNimbeLink Skywire Adapter321StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-TG1WWGNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT - Global136StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-S7588-V-BNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 4 - VZW - FW V3.15142ObsoleteNL-SW-LTE-SRC7611-4Request Quote
NL-SW-LTE-SRC7611-4NimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 4 - VZW & AT&T96StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-TC4WWGNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 4 - Global672StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-QBG95-BNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT - Global31StockRequest Quote
NL-SIM-INDNimbeLink SIM Card Industrial Temperature Range - 3FF - LTE - VZW29StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-TC4EUNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 4 - EU16ObsoleteNL-SW-LTE-TC4WWGRequest Quote
BRD-mPCle-XNimbeLink Skywire Adapter8StockRequest Quote
NL-SWDK2NimbeLink Skywire Dev Kit Skywire Form Factor2StockRequest Quote
NL-SIM-VER-M1NimbeLink Micro-SIM 2/3/4FF - VZW Comm Temp2,950StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-QBG96-BNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat M1/NB IoT - Global2,186StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-TC4NAG-BNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 4 - VZW & AT&T2,020StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-GELS3-ENimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 1 - VZW0ObsoleteNL-SW-LTE-TC1NAGRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-SRC7611-4NGNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 4 - VZW & AT&T - AT&T default10,112ObsoleteNL-SW-LTE-SRC7611-4Request Quote
NL-SW-LTE-SRC7611-4NGVNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 4 - VZW & AT&T -VZW default0ObsoleteNL-SW-LTE-SRC7611-4Request Quote
NL-SW-LTE-TC1NAG-BNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 3 - AT&T336StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-TC1WWGNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 1 - Global0StockRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-TC4APGNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 3 - APAC0ObsoleteNL-SW-LTE-TC4WWGRequest Quote
NL-SW-LTE-TC4NAGNimbeLink Skywire LTE Cat 4 - VZW & AT&T0StockRequest Quote
NL-SWNDKNimbeLink Skywire Dev Kit Skywire Nano Form Factor - Includes NL-SWN-LTE-NRF9160 Modem0ObsoleteNL-SWDK2Request Quote

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